Sunday, 2 June 2013

Aqua for June

June has always meant backyard pools to me. July? Travel and hot yellow skies, but June is clear, beautiful aqua in water and the sky. So, to celebrate the coming of June, for my own purposes I collected my favorite aqua photos.
This trend on Tumblr of going on google maps street view to find the most stunning places on Earth is completely addictive to me--I'll share some of my own finds later, but this one is in the Coral Sea off the West Coast of Australia

A perfect view where the pool actually starts to look like the ocean.

How I look most of the summer in backyard pools but without quite so much of a tan.

Iced tea by the pool is what got me through exams.

Such a wonderful overlay I hadn't even noticed they were separate pictures until blown up.

Turner is a genius. I don't know what else I can say because everything speaks for itself.

Blue/white waters

A sky of this color will make anything and anyone a beauty, but gold-flakes on your eyelids up to your forehead apparently, oddly enough, will do that too.