Wednesday, 5 June 2013


 Yesterday, I graduated from high school. I attended the Singapore American School for 7 years, which is actually pretty rare in this community. Sitting at the back of the group on stage, as everyone turned around to face the screen behind us, watching the senior video attentively, i glanced forward at all the faces turned towards me and my stomach flipped--I've known these people so long. Not all of them, but some of them I still recognize as their sixth-grade selves. This is not to say that I felt that much of a connection to the group as a whole, and I will admit to thinking I'll miss my teachers more than probably 90% of the class of 2013. However, I think being in the midsts of it all forces the kind of realizations or emotions on you that you wouldn't have otherwise, and that's that I really do care where all of these people wind up and that they do well. Above, I am receiving my diploma from my principal. Below, with my best friend Annika and hugging my dance teacher in the third photo--both of whom mean the world to me.
TTFN Class of '13, and best of luck.