Monday, 3 June 2013

Senior Year In Review

Seeing as I graduate tomorrow, I wanted to take a post to recollect thoughts, images, and memories from my Senior year.

AP Art Retreat at Telunas, Indonesia with Annika
Lorraine's Eighteenth Birthday
My Eighteenth Birthday (with Ryan) and Halloween with Annika, Liam and Claudia
First Semester Dance Club Show of A Triple Bill: Green, Purple and Blue; Sweet Charity production as Carmen
Rain dancing in the Botanical Gardens with Alistair
Interim Semester in China (Ya'an and Chengdu) to work with pandas, Cultural Convention performance in Manila, Philippines with my team on stage and, well, not
SENIOR PROM! With Annika, Chelsea, Kaitlin, Anthony, Liam, Young Ju, and Jonny
{Lots of dancing in May! For Alistair's blog here and in the Seven show, I finished May with a dislocated knee which sucks but could be worse}

I'm so happy with my overall memories and experiences from this year. My teachers and friends mean the world to me, and mostly my family, which constitutes of the traditional meaning of the word as well as teachers and friends. I'll be back to visit, but most of all, I'm ready, beyond ready, for whatever comes next.