Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Camp Out

I've sat here for quite  a while not knowing where to start with this, because this evening was one of the most breathtaking of my life. It started with a small campfire that really didn't amount to much, and yet lasted hours upon hours into the darkest and brightest night I've ever experienced; I found myself pointing out The Big Dipper, shooting stars and satellites in a sky tremendously lit in one corner by an enormous orange moon ready to take a dip in the sea. But before any of that was this campfire in a sunset that itself caught the sky and clouds on fire, can't you tell? I held the sun as it outlined Kaitlin in gold before she played one-sided badminton with baby cousin Daniel, bathing in the shower of light. Playing with sparklers like we were Voldemort led to veggie dog eating, sand-mountain building, silent sky searching, coal crackling, and splashing in the black water where the luminescent sea sparkled from our touch. Fruity words like these don't even come close to how I felt that night.