Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Charcoal Beach

Why I prefer the beach in black & white, or pretty much prefer any photo in black & white.

Don't get me wrong, I adore color and wear it like no other. Without blue and green in my life I think I'd about off myself (not that I would ever exaggerate or anything). But when it comes to the beach, it is often so monotone that you miss out on the contrasts in just an average beach landscape. In black and white, however, you can create dramatic drops and depths that would look artificial in color, but stunning in tones of gray. I stand by the statement that I prefer any color in black and white over color, and  not because it makes it seem more pretentious (cause let's face it, we all kinda think that). I recently saw the movie 'Francis Ha' which is an arthouse film done entirely in black and white, and in my mind, that film would not have been art were it not for this choice on the director's part. Black and white raises photos and film to another level in my mind. I'd love to hear someone who disagrees; please, argue with me!

photo c/o my mother, edit by myself

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