Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Disclosure: DRY SODA has sent no endorsement to Girls for Pearls in recommending its products and GFP has chosen to advocate for their sodas by their own choosing.

Having randomly picked up this bottle in a small local coffee shop of Beaufort, I'm so glad I did. I was instantly enticed by the idea of cucumber soda (who wouldn't?) and grabbed it. If you're a fan of earthy & subtly sweet flavors then this is absolutely for you. Only mildly carbonated and sweet without making you feel guilty about it, the simple flavor is genius and I can't believe cucumber soda isn't already "a thing" that everyone's crazy about. A few days later I picked up their lavender soda, which was equally as titillating to the tongue! This isn't fad material, it's here to stay. They've got a loyal fan at 'DRY. Soda', and I can't wait to find their other flavors (including vanilla bean and rhubarb among others). 

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