Thursday, 14 March 2013

Workspace Inspiration

Because this space is so important to me, I'd like to introduce you all to my workspace before I 
share with you any of my creations! (You may have already seen sneak peaks on my Instagram [@girlsforpearls]). 
This first photo was taken at my desk, a black Ikea desk with a glass top and two storage areas 
just beneath the surface where I collect inspiring images and the occasional book for school. 
The top is an absolute wreck most of the year as textbooks and notes clutter the surface, 
or for example in this first picture, I'm making jewellery for a gift.
Once I clean it up I'll share nicer photos with you all, don't you worry.

And here is my outdoor dining table that serves a double function as a workspace for when I need 
fresh air and gorgeous natural lighting. I was working on another part of this gift, the process of which 
in fact inspired me to start this blog because I realized I can make some incredible and beautiful 
things with my hands surrounding my art, crafts, and above all dance (my greatest passion). 
Anywho, this part of the gift is my best friend's birthday card (she's a bit of a sticker fanatic) as well as 
the instructions that go with the "ingredients in a jar" gluten free recipes for cookies and brownies I've made her!

The following photos are spaces that I find inspiring, spaces I crave when I look at the 
mess on my table and think "jeez if I just took 5 minutes a day to clean up, this would NOT BE AN ISSUE." 
I've got these images running through my mind: 

What I love about this space is the natural wood in contrast with the false, unnatural colors of the 
work being done on it. Okay, so maybe I'm talking about the photo more than the space itself. 
But, my point is that natural wood makes anything with color so unique looking and helps it really to stand out. 
Also, I think customized, random cork coasters are a genius gift idea (housewarming in particular).

This here garage-turned-workspace has enough industrial piping to give it the rugged touch I think all 
workplaces need just to get you in the right mindset, but the life jumping out of the work being
created here just draws out the natural lighting you can get from such a space where you can make
one of your four walls disappear with the click of a button.
The length of this space is such a luxury I can't even begin to imagine. I'd definitely be rolling out
huge canvases and rolls of fabric, then probably inviting 20-or-so people over for "paint your body and 
roll around all over the canvas" parties.

Boom. First word I think of when I see this. Maybe it's the boom that was created when the artist 
dropped a can of paint on the ground there, maybe it's the "boom" of her mind when she thought 
"eh, i just don't care". And who can blame her, look how much CHARACTER it adds to the space! 
I adore the neutral walls in contrast with this splatter of marvelous color on the floor, as well as, 
of course, the natural lighting. I'm a sucker for this stuff. Seriously.

Simplicity at its finest. I think what does it for me with this space is that fan; even if I never turned 
the thing on, it would be a constant reminder to listen to music of a certain era, watch movies of that 
same time, and look for inspiration in the past (become a devoted follower here and you'll soon get 
the joy of seeing me reveal myself as the total and utter history dork that I am--I live for the study 
of the past. Whatever, more later! Focus, child).

This right here is the epitome of adorable. The strong pastels and mixed patterns are so quirky,
the fanned coasters and moleskins, the coordinated pattern on the pencil jar? Just stop it already,
we can't all be as cute and organized as you. While I think maybe there is too much coordination here 
(I'm the master of "hey it doesn't go but let's wing it and say it does, people will surely believe it")
still, mad props to the organized, and probably OCD-exuding, brilliant mind getting to use this desk.

This space wins the award as my favorite. It has exactly the right ambiance that I like, although maybe 
it's not the ambiance that makes me the most productive (who cares yeah?). Regardless, this view 
of dead winter trees versus the verdant life in the plants on the desk is so perfect I'm drooling. 
All is mix and matched which is my style to a T, and you can just tell by this artist's sketches that 
this is a place that fuels inspiration and creativity. A+++ 

Last but not least, a perfect example of what I always want my desk/work space to look like and 
never manage to get to. First of all, patterned walls=LOVE. The neutral colors and geometric shape 
is so simplistic and yet fashion forward (aka that is one damn well dressed wall). Moreover, the clothing 
rack brings a whole new dimension to the space. I think the line between fashion and art is blurred 
in every moment of our lives, and this just goes to show that the inspiration goes both ways 
between the two. These bring little pops of color and new patterns that adds a dynamism to the space 
that just makes you want to work but also dance around at the same time. Hmmm, maybe I'll rethink that.

Photo 1: Instagram @girlsforpearls 
Photo 2: my personal photo 
Photos 3-9: Tumblr under the 'workspace' tag