Saturday, 30 March 2013

Secret Jungle

This garden of mine is more like a jungle than a garden; not an inch of it is organized in the least. I think that if I was a little girl, I'd be getting lost in every corner of greenery with my Barbie's, exploring and imagining. I found this little guy in the last three pictures by looking out the kitchen window whilst doing dishes and dashed for my camera. He was quite an excellent little poser, mad props lil man. Anyway, what I love about outdoor spaces is that they are equally as beautiful whether they are Apollonian in nature (heh) with rows and order, like the gardens of Versailles for example, and yet you get an intimate space like this and you just want to get lost, like with The Secret Garden or an untamed rainforest, which is a little bit of a Dionysian side we need every once in a while. I think AP Lit has gotten to me a bit more than I'll gladly admit with all this Apollonian vs. Dionysian talk, do forgive me. Enjoy your gardens and outdoor spaces people! They're gorgeous no matter what.