Sunday, 12 May 2013

Pink Polaroid Picnic {Palm Valley}

 A pretty pink picnic in the park on a warm and sunny Saturday morning, filled with lemonade, raspberries, ciabatta, blackberries dipped in white wine, and meringues. I'm not exaggerating when I say sunny because Paris and I, the pale pale children that we are, walked away with scorched backs. 
This picnic was something off of Carrie's bucket list to do before graduation, so I hopped on board with Paris, Catie, and Jackie. Carrie's the one laughing with me in these pictures, we were being stupid goofs like we were back in seventh grade. Catie's beautiful Guess dress below had me dreaming of summertime by the sea and the bubbles back to being only 4 when there was nothing more magical in the world. Coem to think of it, I don't think there is anything more magical in the world than bubbles (especially these, which smelled like strawberries and were more colorful than any bubbles I've ever seen.) As my days in Singapore come to a close and I can almost count them between using my fingers and toes, it's nice to take a day like this to roll around in true Singaporean grass under true Singaporean palm trees; the palm tree we were under, however, was pollinating and raining all sorts of nonsense down on Paris's bag the entire time! 
Conclusion: go on a picnic.