Sunday, 26 May 2013


A collection of photos from my personal, @lakenlinnea, and the official @girlsforpearls Instagram from March to May.

{All descriptions clock-wise from top-left: frying donuts, breakfast as a parfait in an orange skin, hibiscus tea at wild honey, and baked grapefruit with brown sugar}

{Flower crown}
{Nathalie's Marc Jacobs watch, an outfit of the day that makes a top 5 in the month of April, Kaitlin and I dress up for spring at Topshop, and sunnies on a sunny day}
{Inspiration for a future bedroom, my current room in the early a.m. with a light and flowiness on par with Tom and Daisy's Gatsby-era living room, pool times making me realize how much I'll need water in any future home endeavors, and cactus shopping for the bedside table}
{My first time at the infinity pool of Marina Bay Sands Singapore!, my lsat dance performance of high school, Ellie got her kitty the Duke of Manhattan, and senior prom!}

{A rose paper crane at a picnic in May, a March sky, a bored in-class doodle, and an April sky}