Friday, 3 May 2013

The Five

Browsing blogs like these five I'm about to share with you (although you have to have heard of at least one) has inspired me to start far too many blogs, each with a different style, that I've now meshed all into this here on Girls for Pearls. You'll see quite a range in the style of these blogs, and each one keeps me pushing in a different direction. So, I present to you, the Big Five.
This chick makes me wish I was rocking spiked leather wedged sneakers but also adorable bows in my hair and pink skirts...perhaps not simultaneously, but she defines hardcore cuteness. Oh and her food she posts on Instagram honestly gets me drooling.
Emma and Elsie have provided me the outline from which I have built this blog - I devour their blogging tips, recipes, and style ideas, not to mention DIY's. These two make the simple life sparkly and spicy, and I adore every post of theirs. These two certainly profess to the Beyonce Doctrine of girls running the world, but then again so do all of these bloggers.
California chic meets east coast rocker babe, Dylana Suarez is modeling the lifestyle I dream of. She works for Free People and is the sister of Natalie Suarez, that crazy amazing model chick. While I love Natalie's blog, Dylana's vibe is so dreamy and Californian, something I've come closest to experiencing through your odd movie and blogs like hers, that I get lost in her posts, whether they're swirling tie-dye or fence-posing in gorgeous leather boots she's designed with Modern Vice. She dreams big and gets it, I can only hope to do the same (well, and work my ass off).
Never has the home life looked so desirable. I never saw myself as one wanting to settle down--marriage and kids, nah I'll pass. I'd rather be traveling and being me, and I've seen too much of Friends and Sex and the City to see the hopeless myriad dates it takes to find "the one". But my goodness Miss Katie, you've convinced me otherwise. Having turned a poopy situation into a beautiful, organized, and happy one, this blog radiates positive energy and lightness that I've spent the past few weeks scrolling through to the beginning of time. Thank you Katie, a girl needs that sometimes.
Okay I know I've said that I want the life of every blogger I admire, but this one is probably the closest to everything I've ever wanted - to be young and living in Paris with impeccable clothing, opportunities at modeling, and an obsession with Art History, well, it doesn't get any better. Seriously, this blog epitomizes and pinpoints every obsession I have: all things French, art history, and clothes. Oh and music to inspire every post. It oozes with romanticism and sultry flirtation.