Sunday, 14 April 2013

Flirtatious Apathy

The abundance of these sketchy collages all over tumblr (they've got them for James Franco, Justin Bieber, Marina's Electra Heart, you name it) never fail to make me smile so widely while sitting alone in front of a screen. I get from them this radiating "it's okay to be a girly girl and still hate everything" vibe, which is something I've, weirdly enough, struggled with my whole life. I'm surrounded by wickedly smart women all the time, so being girly has always seemed something to turn away from. Not as in I can't wear dresses or any of that stuff, but it's considered kind of a relapse for me if I give in to gossip or talking about boys, doing girly things, painting my nails pink, etc... So how does one give in to all of this girliness and still maintain a sense of self, a sense of the image I've been building for myself my whole life? Ahh yes, a touch of apathy. "ew school" "how about now" "you suck" "loser" "can u not" Talk about 90's to the max. As a child of the 90's myself, who definitely experienced the girly period of wearing only dresses (fun anecdote - I cried when my dad tried to put me in pants and a striped t-shirt for a flight to France when I was 7 because I was scared of looking like a boy). So as of now, I'm craving piles of Lisa Frank notebooks, jelly sandals worn with frilly lace-topped socks, and enough eye-rolling to see my brain. Girly-girls unite, but without too much enthusiasm please, ladies.