Friday, 5 April 2013


So it may not be Thursday (or maybe it is, depending on your timezone, I don't know I've given up with that stuff), but I'm definitely feeling a throwback vibe. This photo is circa 2004, which officially makes me old I guess. Running around Lake St. Albans with Korki, my husky baby we lost 4 years ago, on the beach being photographed by my best friend Gracie. That life doesn't even seem real. 
I flicked through my old scrapbook from intermediate school, back when I lived outside of St. Louis, and am thinking more and more about being back there permanently. How much has Singapore changed me? I think I became a person, I affirmed my ideologies, and grew into whatever identity I've come up with for myself. So looking at this photo and the simplicity that surrounded me is something to admire but something to grow from. Something something something.