Wednesday, 24 April 2013

The Prahm

{riding in style in our london cabs}

{Annika, Chelsea, me, and Kaitlin. We look like something out of the Bratz movie}

{The "Party Pose"}
{Poolside with the date}

This is by far the most I've ever felt like a princess in my life, even with the humidity sucking sweat out of my pores and dripping down my back. Lovely imagery, no? Regardless, I have to give a million thank-you's to Annika for housing us for the pictures, lending me a dress, and essentially forcing me to go to prom which I was ready to back out of any day or time, YOU DA BEST ON-KON. Mi madré made herself present to photograph the occasion and did a lovely job, the lighting was just gorgeous at 6 in the evening. Getting ready for prom is definitely more fun than prom itself (sorry prom committee), and our dinner at PS Café at Ann Siang Hill, Chinatown was just perfect and super duper fun. So glad I went to my senior prom. Let the nostalgia begin.