Saturday, 6 April 2013

Texts on the Beach

Beach days are my favorite days, and I'm going to make a habit of having as many beach days as possible here in Singapore before I'm landlocked in St. Louis next year after I graduate. Singapore may not have the cleanest water when it comes to beaches, but they can still show you a good time. Fantastic weather, daiquiri's to spare, beach clubs & lounges, pools, beer pong tables, and of course good cell phone reception. Even in an escape to a simulated "remote paradise" I was in constant contact with my phone, Instagramming away. Judge me. Go ahead. You'd do the same on such a gorgeous day. But, ugh, I've just got to stop myself because of the irony in what I just said. It was a gorgeous day, so I spent it absorbed in technology trying to capture the gorgeousness rather than actually get absorbed in the gorgeousness surrounding me. I know it's a problem, we've all got it. Well, I think I still very much enjoyed my day - I finished reading Camus' L'Etranger for my AP Lit class and was stunned with Part 2 and that overflow of existential expression within the last few was a lot to get through that just needed to sink in as did my sunscreen and the ultraviolet rays of the sun into my skin. Singapore slinging in Sentosa sand. Saturdays. More words that start with "s". Alright I'm done. HAPPY WEEKEND!